WELLAND 川井 is a 24 years history brand of wire shelving ,famous reputation in Chinese local market ,awarded TOP 500 Chinese High Quality Brands and TOP 10 Brands in Chinese Household Articles Industry .

WELLAND 川井 brand is consist of English Words WELLAND and Chinese Words “川井”. Welland is formed by ‘Well’and ‘Land’. Its meaning is good place . However, the origin of Chinese “川井”is more complicated .

“川” is a Chinese word ,spell “ CHUAN”, means the stream never stops flowing, just like our extendable poles. Moreover, its shape of Chinese Character looks like the actual pole products.

“井”is a Chinese word, spell “JING”, means be arranged in good order, just like multi-functional wire shelf organizer, besides, its shape of Chinese Character look like the actual wire shelf products.

In addition, “川井”is a kind of life philosophy , “川”has a Chinese meaning’River’, all rivers will run into sea, cover and contains everything. It’s a tolerance and harmonious. “井”means ‘Orderliness’, comply with the nature by ordinary mind. No matter how the environment changes, we will live better with tolerance and orderliness.

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