Changsheng wire shelving products passed the LFGB test

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Our wire shelving products have a wide variety, complete sizes, optional colors, and can be customized according to your needs

In September 2005, the new German Food and Dietary Goods Law LFGB replaced the Food and Daily Goods Law LMBG. It is also known as the “Food, Tobacco Products, Cosmetics and Other Commodities Management Law”, which is the most important basic legal document for food hygiene management in Germany.

LFGB is an important basic legal document in the management of food hygiene in Germany. L regulations have also been revised in recent years, mainly to match the new EU standards. The LFGB regulations make a general description and basic regulations on the safety requirements of food and various daily necessities in contact with it. All food and food-related daily necessities in the German market must comply with the basic provisions of LFGB.
Common L FGB test: mainly for materials in contact with food, that is, those materials that are in direct or possible contact with food must meet the test requirements of LFGB.

The laws and regulations have made general and basic regulations on all aspects of German food. All foods on the German market and all daily necessities related to food must comply with the basic regulations above.

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