Changsheng Team Works Together to Help Production

Looking back 2020 year, at first we only can work at home because of the COVID-19.After starting production at the early of March, all staffs from all departments worked very positively on their positions.

As a famous and first 500 strong quality wire shelf company, Zhongshan Changsheng sales department get orders from customers all over the world during working at home.After back to work, our orders volume increase 3 times,among them,60% is from online customers.Until now, our orders delivery time has been arranged to May 2021.In order to delivery the goods as early as possible, every staffs in office not only finish their own job but also help to do packing and production.

In order to finish the goods as expected, workers in workshop do production with all their effort.

The production manager checked with the workshop leaders about the orders production status at night

The purchase department staffs train the workers after finishing their own jobs.

QC control the product quality, accompany customers do inspection without rest

In order to catch the already arranged shipment, sales help the packing department doing package, accompany customers do inspection during weekend,check and help when loading containers


While the production is accelerating, we are keeping the quality as the “lifeline”, and every production line is strictly controlling the production process, and our products meet Japanese quality standards. To achieve rapid growth in product production with high standards and high quality requirements.

We are customer-centric, race against time, face difficulties, and overcome all kinds of difficulties, just for the order to be delivered on time. Good reputation and stable product quality are the foundation of our Changsheng company.

In 2021, every employee of Changsheng Company is full of enthusiasm and confidence in the new year’s work. We will continue to improve our job skills, actively assist, and cooperate with other work arrangements. We will meet the challenges and be united. Further carry forward the people-oriented and product quality of Changsheng Company.


Tribute to Changsheng’s first-line production staff!

Pay tribute to every strength contributed by every victor!

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