Happy Spring Festival 2024

Happy Spring Festival 2024 Zhongshan Changsheng team whises you a happy Spring Festival 2024 and good luck in the year of Dragon. We are a professional factory of wire shelving for 24 years,Both home storage and industrial wire shelving are our main products . Good quality and low price, looking forward to cooperating with you. […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024

On this special holiday, Zhongshan Changsheng Company sincerely wishe our customers, friends and their family: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May your Christmas be filled with joy and joy, and may the new year bring you success and prosperity.  

29th Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition

29th Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition Congratulations to our company for achieving outstanding results in the recent 29th Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition. Thank you to all new and old customers and friends for visits and inspections. Exhibition time: December 16th to 18th. Exhibition location: Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Booth number: […]

How to Style Commercial Wire Shelves

How to Style Commercial Wire Shelves ? Designing the style of commercial wire shelving requires considering practicality, aesthetics, usage environment and brand image. Here are some suggestions for styling commercial shelving: Consider functional requirements: First determine the functional requirements of commercial wire shelving, such as store display, document storage, restaurant storage, mushroom cultivation, laboratory storage […]

How to Organize Wire Shelves in Closets

how to organize wire shelves in closets ? Organizing wire shelves in closets can be done effectively by following these steps: Empty the shelves: Start by removing everything from the wire shelves to have a clean slate to work with. Sort and declutter: Separate the items into categories such as clothing, accessories, shoes, or linens. […]

How Do You Maximize Space on Wire Shelves?

Here are some practical ways to maximize your wire shelves space for storage: Utilize vertical space: Make use of the height of your wire shelves by stacking items vertically. This helps to effectively double or triple the storage capacity of each shelf. Use stackable bins or box to keep items to ensure maximum use of […]

How to Organize a Pantry with Wire Shelves

How to organize a pantry with wire shelves I am sharing a how to organize pantry with wire shelves, this is also my experience, hope it can help you。 Before I bought wire racks for storage in the pantry, I usually piled cans, biscuits, chips, noodles, various drinks and condiments, snacks and other foods purchased […]

How Much Weight Can WELLAND Wire Shelves Hold

How much weight can WELLAND wire shelves hold? WELLAND wire shelves have three load-bearing types. One type is extra large load-bearing, each mesh can bear up to 800 pounds. It is generally used for industrial storage, such as warehouses, factories, supermarkets, planting and cultivation, medical care, laboratories, etc. The other is light load-bearing, each mesh […]

Stainless Steel Pole Test Report

Stainless Steel Pole Test Report Test simple name: stainless steel pole Testing requirements: Material identification of 304 Testing standard: GB/T 1170-2008        ASTM A240/ A240M-20 Testing equipment: Spark discharge atomic emisiion spectrometer Inspection process: Granding machine to process sample surface – Select standard samples for type standardization – Test samples with the testing […]

Welcome to Visit Our Booth at the 134th Canton Fair 2023

Welcome to Visit Our Booth at the 134th Canton Fair 2023 (Phase II) We are attending the show of our wire shelving, Our Booth No. is at Hall C16.2.41-42 from Oct.23th to 27th. Welcome you to our Booth & factory, Our new product &Catalog are ready! Zhongshan Changsheng Metal Product Co., Ltd. wellandshelves.com is our […]

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