Supermarket Case Japan AIS


Client’s Name:Japan AIS Country:Japan Cooperation Time:2003 to Present Range of Application: Supermarket Display Shelf,Convenience Store Shelves Project Details: Zhongshan WELLAND brand chrome-plated wire mesh shelves are widely used in shopping malls for display purposes. Different from traditional commercial super-shelves, the mechanical design of wave frames is not only beautiful, but also greatly improves the load-bearing capacity […]

Supermarket Case Korea Lotte


Supermarket Case Korea Lotte Client’s Name:Korea Lotte Country:Korea Cooperation Time:2014 Range of Application: Shopping Mall Display Shelves, Duty-Free Shop Shelves   Project Details: Lotte Supermarket of Korea abandoned the traditional steel plate style shelf and adopted the Zhongshan WELLAND brand network shelf series products. From the store’s goods display to the warehouse storage and storage, it is well organized and matched with price tags to make the function of its store shelves more perfect and practical. . Bold and encrypted metal wire and thickened pillars make the stability of the wire mesh shelf to the utmost. The strength of each layer is better than the ordinary wire mesh shelf in the industry. The bright chrome surface treatment enhances the display products. The grade, with heavy solid wood, enriches its display function, and also gives shopping consumers a refreshing feeling.   Case Product: Product Model: LD12045210A5C Product Size: L1200xW450xH2100mm Each Shelf Load : 120 kg per shelf Surface : Chrome plating Customer Profile: Lotte Group is one of the top five groups […]

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