Factory Start to Work From FEB. 18TH,2020

Our factory has passed the government’s epidemic prevention inspection and resumed work from February 18th,2020 Wire Shelf is our main advantage product. We welcome new and old customers to send us enquiries at any time. We can quickly provide quotations and provide free wire shelves samples. Before the Spring Festival holiday, our export sales team […]

Chrome Wire Shelf – Here Are the Features and Advantages You Didn’t Know

Chrome Wire Shelf – Here Are the Features and Advantages You Didn’t Know Storage spaces are a necessity of our daily lives. But to keep our storage spaces clean and sorted, we need proper shelving too. In most of the situations, wire shelving is one of the best options one can have. That’s because it has multiple […]

Chrome Wire Shelving: Why it is Useful and How to clean it

What is Chrome Wire Shelving?  Chrome wire shelving has made its way into many homes and businesses at a super-fast rate over the last few years, and for good reason! This kind of shelving puts functionality and cost above everything else.   Who Uses Chrome Wire Shelving? Due to its functionality, improved air circulation and […]

Commercial shelving Vs household shelving: get the right type of shelving

Shelves are shelves, right? Actually, no. There’s more to shelving than perhaps first meets the eye. There are big differences between shelves that are designed for home use and shelves that are designed for commercial use. Commercial shelving racks are very different from a household storage rack or a home shelf. Even within both types, […]

What Wine Rack Should I Use to Store Red Wine?

Red Wine

The importance of the red wine rack for the storage Red wine is an extremely popular drink of choice the whole world over. There are so many different kinds of red wine. But, the most important thing to know about it is how to store it correctly. Storing red wine correctly is essential in maximizing […]

All about Metal Wine Rack Shelves and How to Care for them

A wine rack is essentially a shelving set that organizes your wine storage and saves you space. What better place than a simple wine rack, right?  There is a large range of sizes for wine racks and therefore the number of bottles of wine. Most people have a kitchen wine rack but in larger homes, you […]

Type of racks – differences between a commercial shelf and a home shelf

Shelves aren’t just shelves You might be thinking that shelves are just shelves. You couldn’t be more wrong! There’s a lot of different types of shelves and shelving. There are shelves for home use, for commercial use, and for industrial use. Within those categories, there are also many different types of shelving. Before we look […]

Organize Your Life with Home Shelves and Home Rack

Understanding more about Shelves and Racks In your home, your space is valuable. The idea of interior design might make you feel queasy but everyone can appreciate the utility and practicality of a home shelf. They can be as simple as a plank of wood nailed to the wall or as complex as a fold-out […]

Metal Corner Rack Shelf for Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room

Maximizing the spaces in our homes is essential these days. People often have lots of stuff and nowhere to put it. This not only means that our living spaces are cluttered, but this also adds to our mood and stress levels.   Living with Clutter and Dealing with Clutter  Clutter does not just affect our […]

Metal wire shelf process from production to installation

How to Cut, Install, Fix and Clean Metal Wire Shelf Wire shelves are the perfect tools for organizing your life. The entire idea behind wire shelves is to make it easier for things to be arranged, so that makes them more accessible. This article will highlight be how chrome wire shelf, metal wire shelf, steel […]

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