Australia GAN


Client’s Name:Australia GAN Country:Australia Cooperation Time:2016 to Present Range of Application: Custom Shelves and Accessories for the Freezer Project Details: GAN customers from Australia searched our company for professional production line hardware products. We provided drawings to our company for the first time. We understand the customer’s needs according to the communication with the customers, and then jointly […]

Alibaba-“he ma xian sheng”

he-ma-xian-sheng-case-2 (1)

Alibaba-“he ma xian sheng” Client’s Name: He Ma Xian Sheng Country: Stores Across the Country Cooperation Time:2017 to Present Range of Application: Cold Storage, Debris Warehouse Project details Box Ma fresh raw storage plan and food cold chain storage shelf project are produced and supplied by our company, mainly used in cold storage and debris […]

Kitchen cold chain case “Qatar RAS”

Qatar-RAS- (3)

Kitchen cold chain case “Qatar RAS” Customer Name: Qatar RAS Country:Qatar Cooperation Time: Since 2012 Range of Application: Hotel Kitchen, Cold Storage   Project installation effect Qatar RAS customers have cooperated with our company for many years. It is a professional equipment supplier for kitchen cold chain. It is specially designed for the use of kitchen and […]

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