Client’s Name:Australia GAN


Cooperation Time:2016 to Present

Range of Application: Custom Shelves and Accessories for the Freezer


Project Details:

GAN customers from Australia searched our company for professional production line hardware products. We provided drawings to our company for the first time. We understand the customer’s needs according to the communication with the customers, and then jointly modify the drawings and products, and then arrange the proof confirmation. The sample is highly recognized by our company and has been produced for large quantities. It has been working for several years. The product is made of carbon steel, galvanized and powdered to enhance rust prevention. It can be tested by NSF. Our automatic welding equipment production, uniform solder joints, no burr scratching, stable quality, in line with Australian customer inspection standards , in line with the use of cold storage freezer.

Zhongshan Changsheng(Welland) specializes in the production of customized products for wire welding, which can be customized for production according to drawings or samples.

Case Product Details

Customer Profile:

GAN company is a company specializing selling wire shelving for refrigerator storage. The company is located in the Brisbane city of Queensland, Australia. It is a distributor of cold shelves in the Australian market. Since 2016, we have cooperated until now, and their order quantity is about 7 to 8 containers per year. He is a high-quality customer who makes custom-made freezer racks.

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