Answers to questions about purchase wire shelving for e-commerce ?

If you are first time to purchase wire shelving for E-commerce business from factory, you may have following question to ask . Please take following to the answer from the professional wire shelving company-Changsheng Factory below

Find bellow as well a few questions about your offer:
Question: How long is the production time?
Answers:   Our production time is 35-60 days by different series of products.

Question: What materials are used?
Answers:   Material: carbon steel , stainless steel

Question: Is the quality of the set low, average or high?
Answers:   Our quality level is middle to high ,due to 80% of our market is in Japan ,EU and USA .

Question: What can be customized (logo printed in the boxes, packaging, instructions, …)?
Answers:  We can do customized logo and packing .
Question: What are the warranty terms?
Answers: Our warranty is one year after loading

Question: Is it easy to assemble? Do you have a sample instruction set you can share?
Answers:  All of our products are assembled easily without any tools ,  we attached our assembly instruction for your references.    besides,we can make design of instruction for each item from step by step .  If you have wechat ,we can send you our assembly vedio .  moreover ,you can visit :   ,  we have upload our assembly vedio at the bottom of the homepage.

Question: Does it come with wheels?
Answers: The wheels is optional , some with wheels ,some without .   We can share with EU market experiences and respect your order requirement.

Question: What kind of tools are necessary to set it up?
Answers:  No tools for assembly ,  If you insist to add , the hammper can be used to make it stable after the shelving assembled .

Question: Does the product come with these tools?
Answers: No . generally no.

Question: Does it have bolts?
Answers: No Bolts

Question: Are the shelves height adjustable?
Answers: Each layer of shelf height is adjustable

Question: Do we need to re-assemble the product to adjust the height?
Answers:  No need re-assemble for height adjustment.

Question: Is the product certified (e.g. NSF)?
Answers:  Our shelving product is NSF Approved

Question: Are the surfaces of the product smooth or sharp?
Answers: The surface is smooth and no burrs . Stable high quality is our advantage in the same trade line.

Question: How long does the product painting last?
Answers:  Powder coating can be last more than 3 years .   chrome would be one year around .  chrome is for dry strorage use ,  powder coating is both dry and wet.

Question: How much weight can each shelve take?
Answers:  The shelf weight would be optional by different use ,  we have 30kgs,40kgs,50kgs,120kgs,250kgs ,300kgs,350kgs per layer of shelf for your choices,  and we can share with you hot sale choices for each sizes in the market .

Question: Do shelves bend easily? Do you have any structure to avoid this?
Answers:  If heavier loading , the middle part would be bended .   The better way to avoid is to load the stuffing evenly and no overloaded.

Question: What is the material of the shelves?
Answers:  Our main material of shelves is carbon steel wire rods.

Question: Do you have a sample installation manual or video you can share?
Answers:   yes,we have ,we would share with you .

Question: Does the product have leveling feet?
Answers:  yes, if no wheels ,we would put leveling feet included each set of carton

Question: Does the product have rubber feet?
Answers:   Our feet is not made of rubber . it’s PE material

Question: Are each part wrapped separately when packaged?
Answers:   We only shrinked wrapped the post by each 2pieces together.  the shelves is packed with our export standard way . for E-commerce business ,we can make sure our mail box packing can be passed the droppping test 2A .

Question: Does the product come with gloves in the installation kit?
Answers: No need gloves in the installation kit .

Question: Can the product have any add ons like e.g. hooks?
Answers: Yes,we have N-hook for add on shelving unit.

Question: What do I need to do to get samples?
Answers:  we can offer 1pc free sample for you . please tell us which item would you like ?

Question: How long do they take to be ready to be sent?
Answers:  Our sample lead time is 5 days around.

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