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Alibaba-“he ma xian sheng”

Client’s Name: He Ma Xian Sheng

Country: Stores Across the Country

Cooperation Time:2017 to Present

Range of Application: Cold Storage, Debris Warehouse

Project details

Box Ma fresh raw storage plan and food cold chain storage shelf project are produced and supplied by our company, mainly used in cold storage and debris warehouse. Our Zinc covered by powder coated wire mesh shelves can be adjusted freely by layer spacing and super Strong load-bearing capacity and high-quality anti-rust function are widely used in cold storage with low temperature and humidity, high cost performance, durable, and widely used in different environmental conditions, making wire mesh shelves the first choice for food and beverage display products. . The “WELLAND” brand provided by Zhongshan Changsheng is specially designed for the box net shelf products of He Ma Xian Sheng. It has sufficient stock of stock in stock all the year round to guarantee the delivery within 24 hours after the customer places the order. Product quality remains stable and high quality, with zero complaint rate.

Case Details

Customer Profile:

He Ma Xian sheng is Alibaba’s new retail format for the complete reconfiguration of offline supermarkets. He Ma is a supermarket, is a food and beverage store, is also a vegetable market, consumers can go to the store to buy, you can also place an order in the He Ma App. One of the biggest features of Box Horse is the fast delivery: within 3 km of the store, it is delivered to the door in 30 minutes. In addition, the viscous and online conversion rates of box horse users are quite amazing. According to reports, online orders accounted for more than 50%, mature stores that have been operating for more than half a year can reach 70%, and the online commodity conversion rate is as high as 35%, much higher than traditional e-commerce. At present, the ratio of online orders to offline orders for mature stores such as Shanghai Jinqiao Store is about 7:3.

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