Advantages of WELLAND Metal Kitchen Microwave Oven Racks

The advantages of WELLAND brand metal kitchen microwave oven racks

  • Advantage 1: The WELLAND brand kitchen microwave oven rack is very strong, with strong bearing capacity and not easily deformed.
  • Advantage 2: The design of microwave oven racks with different layers can meet the needs of various households, and can also make full use of the free space of the family to make the kitchen more tidy.
  • Advantage 3: You can adjust the height according to your needs to adapt to the use of different microwave oven sizes. The high bars on both sides of the shelf increase safety and stability and prevent items from falling
  • Advantage 4: The floor-standing microwave oven racks is also very convenient, and the position can be changed at will to facilitate cleaning.
  • Hot selling microwave oven rack introduce:
Item CJ-B1508
Size L900 x W350 x H900-1500 mm
Finish Chrome plated
Loading Weight 80kg per shelf
Item CJ-B1510E
Size L900 x W350 x H900-1500 mm
Finish Powder Coated in Silver
Loading Weight 80kg per shelf


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