Advantages of Medical Wire Shelving

  1.  The wire shelf can make the hospital pharmacy space present a three-dimensional structure, make full use of the pharmacy space, improve the space utilization rate, and expand the storage capacity of the hospital pharmacy space.
  2. Open design, not easy to accumulate dust. The medicine or medical equipment on the shelving is easy to access.
  3. The medicines on the shelves of the pharmacy are clearly displayed at a glance, which is convenient for important management tasks such as inventory, division and measurement.
  4. The medicines and medical equipment on the wire shelves can be placed neatly without squeezing each other, the material loss is small, and the possible loss of the goods in the storage process is reduced.
  5. This  wire shelving is sturdy and durable, each layer of shelves can bear 350kgs
  6. This medical wire shelving are easy to disassemble and assemble, the styles are diversified, and they can be freely combined and transformed.
  7. There are many types of products under the medical shelf. Please purchase according to your needs. You can also explain your needs and we will customize them according to your needs

Our Wire Shelving Advantages

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