Advantages of CHANGSHENG Washing Machine Rack

  1. On the whole, CHANGSHENG washing machine rack is a very practical shelf .
  2. Including 3 open wire shelves, 1 wire basket and 2 rotatable hooks.
  3. This washing machine storage rack adds additional space and organization to your laundry room. The upper crossbar design makes it easy to hang clothes. The 2 rotatable hooks can hang some light clothing, towels, or other laundry room cleaning supplies.
  4. DIY installation and multifunctional, If you just need to use a single rack. you can install a shelf and basket for placing washing accessories and on the other side reserve the space to hang the long dress, pants, and coat.
  5. Not only can you place your washer and dryer on one side, but your laundry supplies on the other. You can also use it as a garment rack in bedroom.
  6. CHANGSHENG laundry shelf and the bottom support rack height are adjustable and they can be spaced differently to meet your needs.
  7. Bottom rack height can be adjusted to suit the wash machine faucet outlet. Meanwhile, assemble the shelf in a suitable place to fit the different types of wash machines, lid opening on the top or front.
  8. The rack is epoxy coated technology for protecting it from humidity damage, waterproof and rust proof, wear-resistant and scratch free.
  9. Multipurpose used, our washing machine shelf is can also be disassembled and used as two separate shelves.
  10. Besides, Our washing machine racks are also ideal for use in bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, balconies and flower plantings, etc.

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