Advantages and Cons of Wire Shelving

Advantages and Cons of Wire Shelving

  • Wire shelving made of high qualiy carbon steel, Consist of wire shelves and connected posts and plastic clips and  leveling feet or rolling wheels.
  • The Advantages of wire shelving are higher than traditional racks, such as:
    1. The wire shelving is easy to install, no tools are needed, and the installation can be completed within 15 minutes at most
    2. Wire shelf can be adjusted at will, You can adjust the height of the wire shelving according to the size of your need. The spacing of each layer of this wire shelf can be adjusted.
  • Multipurpose used, suitable for kitchen, restaurant, workshop,warehouse, nursing home, hospital, laboratory, greenhouse, office to store tools, file, accessories, equipment, bowl, pans and other items.
  • Sturdy and durable, the use of triangular mechanics makes the shelf have a stronger load-bearing capacity and a longer service life.
  • It can be used with other accessories, such as hooks, hanging rods, wheels, net baskets, etc., to enrich the storage function。
  • It can be DIY assembled at will, or you can choose different sizes and colors according to your needs.
  • Open design, easier to take items, if used for mushroom planting, the wire rack can also maintain air circulation, temperature circulation, etc.
  • The biggest disadvantage of the wire shelving is that it cannot place very small items along the direction of the wire, such as pens, chopsticks, iron wires, etc. These items are easy to fall, and they need to be used with PP boards to prevent them from falling

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