WELLAND Brand Wire Shelving Story:

Each successful enterprise has its own touching story ,bearing in mind some epic entrepreneurial journey , WELLAND furniture is also same . In the past deploitation innovation and passion burning years , a group of high-spirited WELLAND people play together a gorgeous music of the BRAND. Looking back ,WELLAND who left a footprint of each step are flowing sweat , verifying the sincere dedication and flashing the light of wisdom !

In order to make you know more of our BRAND origin , we explicate the meaning of WELLAND as follows

“川”is a Chinese word spell “ CHUAN” ,means the stream never stops flowing ,just like our extendable poles. Moreover ,the shape of word looks like the acutal pole products .
“井”is a Chinese word spell “JING” ,means be arranged in good order , just like multi-functional wire shelf organizer ,besides, the shape of word looks like the actual wire shelf products .

In addition , “川井”is a kind of life philosophy : “川”has a Chinese meaning ‘RIVER’, all rivers will run into sea , cover and contains everything .it’s a tolerance and harmonious . “井”means “ Orderliness “ , comply with the nature by ordinary mind. No matter how the environment changes ,we will live better with tolerance and orderliness.

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