2023 New Launch Retro Kitchen Bakers Rack with Power Outlet

This Retro Kitchen Bakers Rack is an optimization and upgrade made by the engineers of the design department on the basis of our previous best-selling microwave oven rack. The combination of retro wooden boards and black shelves is more beautiful and eye-catching. A 360-degree rotatable hook and The power socket board enriches the functions of the microwave rack

  1. 2 AC outlets and 1 switch on this kitchen microwave oven rack, Kitchen appliances can be charged conveniently, You’re safer with an air fryer, microwave, coffee maker, or any other kitchen appliances, and you don’t need an extra power strip to clutter your countertop.
  2. Each shelf is adjustable in height, making it a versatile storage solution for your kitchen that adjusts to your needs. easily accommodating items of varying sizes.
  3. Our kitchen rack with storage is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their kitchen organized and functional, providing ample space for wine glasses, wine, fruits, vegetables, cookware, and more.
  4. The kitchen storage shelf is equipped with 10 S hooks and 1pc hook rails that can be rotated 360 degrees. You can use these hooks to hang pots, pans, utensils, coffee cup, towels, oven mitts, recipes and other items.
  5. 4-tier wire shelving with spacious space can be a home for all your kitchen appliances.
  6. 1 top shelf design adding extra storage and convenient access to items, Ingredients and spices can be stored on the top shelf.
  7. Vintage wooden texture blends well with black metal, this simple microwave stand with storage can easily emerge into any home decor
  8. Create more space in kitchens, offices, garages, garden and more with this standing bakers shelf designed for versatile organization in limited spaces.

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